Geek Squad lost my Scrivener Program while replacing harddrive

I still have the files but cannot open them without the program. I do not have original purchase information. What to do?

Hi Sidecar. Sorry you’re having this problem.

For questions involving purchase information and the like, you are best writing directly to the technical support team. A form to do that can be found here: Contact Us | Literature and Latte

That said, if you have your serial number, which probably arrived via email, that is really all the purchase info you should need. You can download the program again (the trial version is the same as the full purchased version) then reinstall it again, and give it that serial number when it asks. That should get you back to where you were pre-Geek Squad.

Hope that helps. Welcome to the forum!

To add to the Mad Girl’s excellent advice, the trial version gets you 30 days usage of the software, so you can still write while you’re trying to figure this out.

Hello Sidecar, and welcome to the forum.

As Mad_Girl_Disease noted, you can open a help ticket if needed.

However, if you’re using the same email now that you used when you first purchased Scrivener, you can use our license recovery tools to retrieve your license.

When you enter your email address into the license recovery tool, the servers will send your licensing information to the email account associated with your license.