General - project-wide comment, how to?

Is it possible to add a very general (ie one that applies to everything, every document, every note in the project) Comment, please?

For example, I’ve just started working on a new project which has multiple folders.

I’m still thinking about the best ways to organise my notes in these folders, best ways to name the folders etc, and best ways to build their hierarchy within the project.

I can see how to add a Comment - but by default it seems to want to attach/associate itself to the first note in my project.

How can I make it apply to everything so that I can see the Comment no matter which folder I’m working in?


Project bookmarks.
Create yourself a “general notes” document outside the draft/manuscript.
Add or drag it to the bookmarks panel/project bookmarks.

Once that’s done, you can see and edit it at will off of the inspector.

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Or add the note to a blank file as a template and add templates empty file with info in the inspector for each new file

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Thanks, Vincent :slight_smile:

I’m relatively new to Scrivener… certainly didn’t know:

  • that you can have such a note/document outside the main structure
  • how bookmarks work… homework tonight :slight_smile:

Much appreciated.

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Thanks, @GoalieDad; also understood. What possibilities!

It is still in the binder.
It’s just that having it outside the draft, you don’t have to worry about it, you won’t compile it with the rest by accident.

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Your correction much appreciated! I still have a lot to learn.

Presumably such a note (have done as you kindly said) has the same status as Trash and Research?

Not at all.
It is just a normal file.
The Research folder and the Trash are nothing like.

That file can be in the Draft if you want it to.
Especially if you want to compile it with the rest.
But if you are sure you don’t want it to compile, best put it somewhere it won’t.

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Thanks, what I meant (new to Scrivener) is that it’s outside Draft in the way that Research and Trash are.

And like Templates and Front Matter are in your example.

But your correction - again - much appreciated. Your example makes me think I do indeed still need to read up on Scrivener’s structure :slight_smile: .

I think I’m getting that Draft should only(/mainly?) be used for the body of a text, which is likely to be compiled. And that every other Folder is to be used as ancillary, for ‘supporting’ material.


Thanks again!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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To think, I came here for one question - and have learnt so much more. Appreciated, @Vincent_Vincent !

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Just one thing to add: The “title” of the bookmarks pane is actually a drop-down list with two options: Project bookmarks and Document bookmarks. Set it to the first to add and see project-wide bookmarks, like in @Vincent_Vincent’s screenshots.


Thanks, Antoni!

I’ve just bought your book, thanks; glad I did :slight_smile: . Good luck.

Thank you very much! :slightly_smiling_face:

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