General Projects versus Individual Projects

I’m new to (creative) writing and am curious about how other folks organize Scrivener.

I’ve been doing a creative writing course as well as Tim Clare’s 100 Days of Writing podcast challenge, as well as reading a number of craft books. I’ve been putting everything from these—different writing exercises, notes I’ve taken, inspiration that’s struck—in one project but within different folders in my binder. I’ve also been stashing little bits of things I come across that might be useful for a project down the road, as well. I like having everything in one place.

Now, the course I am taking starts out with some general exercises but then moves toward starting to write a longer work. For now, I’ve just been putting this writing in the Drafts folder for the same Project. I kind of like having everything in one place, but I am wondering if, as the big project gets bigger, if this will become unwieldy.

Do people generally start a separate Scrivener project for every writing project on the go? Or do they keep things in one place and then archive old drafts within one general project? Does anyone keep a general binder for capturing nascent ideas, or do they do something different? Curious about how others go about this and why.

Scrivener doesn’t care.

It really depends on your work habits and the nature of your work. Someone who writes weekly columns in a narrow subject area will probably prefer a different approach from someone who writes books on widely disparate topics.

Personally, I keep a general “Notetaker” project, plus one project for each ongoing client, plus one for each book-length project. I refresh the Notetaker and client-based projects annually.


The way you are working sounds like a good way to go for now. As Katherine says, no worries about it on the software side. Somewhere down the line you will start to feel the need for some separation and then you can do that. It is easy to move stuff you want to hive off into another project via drag and drop.

As your writing life takes off, the following sorts of projects might make sense to consider:

Writing Tools (collection)
Story Ideas (ideas and starts)
Short Stories (writing place and collection of completed)
Novels get their own dedicated projects