Generate Inspector Table of Contents

Hi there,

Many of my pages are summaries of academic books. I would like to automatically generate a linked table of contents in the Inspector based on heading styles used in the page so that I can skip to my notes on a particular chapter.

At the moment I’m making each section into a comment, which works but it’s so manual and sometimes I forget. Then I have these lengthy notes which I have to scroll for the right section.

Is this already possible? Thank you.

The general idea behind Scrivener is that useful chunks of information would be listed in the binder, rather than buried into long text files. Each of these summaries should be its own “index card” on the corkboard, or rows in the outliner as you wish, and once you have things set up that way, there is your “ToC”, built automatically, capable of being annotated with the synopsis field, tagged and colour-coded, etc. You will never get the same level of functionality with other approaches, because that is where all of Scrivener’s design and focus is aimed at.

The further you go from that model, the more you pack into long files and try to navigate within them, the more friction you’ll run into. Give a try at least! Duplicate your summaries document so you can experiment with it, then go through it with the Documents ▸ Split commands and once it is all split up, put them all into a folder. If you want to view them together, click the folder and switch to Scrivenings view.

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