German crime fiction author using Scrivener

Actually I found this quite some time ago but I didn’t see it mentioned here:

This is a blog post (in German) by Astrid Paprotta, whom a lot of critics (and I) consider to be the best German author of crime fiction. For those who don’t know her: Her novels are very psychological, almost like a down-to-earth version of Patricia Highsmith.

In this post she raves about Scrivener and says that Scrivener is the best a word preocessor can get. I certainly agree.


Thanks for the tip. I’ve read classic German literature, but am woefully out of touch with the modern scene. I’ll have to give her novels a try; it sounds like something I would enjoy. Are there any good translations to English that you can recommend?

Astrid Paprotta might be the best German crime fiction novelist but unfortunately she’s not the most successful one (though she seems to sell quite a few copies). It’s probably because of that why her work hasn’t been translated yet.

Ah well. I keep promising myself I will learn German one of these days, anyway.

Cool! Thanks for posting this!