German quotes

I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong but just can’t make Scrivener to write german quotes (the opening one is on the baseline) instead of the english ones. In Word it automatically uses the correct ones depending on chosen language.

„german quotes“
“english quotes”

Is there any way to get around this?

I second this request! It would be awesome for us German Scrivener users if German-style quotes were made available. Another special character I’m missing is the en dash (as opposed to the em dash) because German typography doesn’t use the em dash and I don’t want to resort to the hyphen.

Choose “German quotes (standard)” in the Preferences:

The en dash is alt-[-].

Unfortunately, the Auto-Correction tab looks very different in the Windows beta. You can only tick a box to activate English style smart quotes, there is no option to choose between different quote styles.

Alt + - doesn’t work in my Scrivener version either - I only get a hyphen.

Sorry. I wasn’t aware it was posted in the Windows section. :blush:

But anyway – you see the developers are aware of the problem, and it’s already solved in the Mac version (since years ago, to be precise). So, sooner or later the Windows version will surely catch up.

As for the en-dash, I’m pretty sure there must be a way to produce it under Windows already. At least I remember using en-dashes when I was still on the pitiable side of personal computing (aka as “Windows user” :wink: ). It was some combination with [-] and some Win- / Alt / Ctrl-key. Plus, it depends on the font. Some fonts don’t produce en-dashes, even on the Mac.

As for the en-dash I use the option for additional substitution:

  1. within substitution at the “auto-correction” options
  2. un-check the “replace double hyphens with em-dashes” option
  3. check “enable additional substitutions”
  4. chose “edit substitution”
  5. klick on the plus-bottom
  6. fill in the replacement - I use now double hyphens and replace it with an en-dash

I am pretty sure you find a similar way to replace any unused sign with german quotes as well. As I use “<<” to replace it with “«”.

Cheers Simo.