German translation bug is bugging me

Thanks for that beautiful App! I love it and it has the best workflow. One thing is bugging me though:
When I create a new Document the upper right corner says „offen“. Offen in German means open in English, but there is a difference between open the adjective and to open the verb. You used the wrong one: it should say: „öffnen“ (begins with o-umlaut). Please correct that! Right now there is a button that says „it is already open“ on a create a new document form. Please help me out here :confused:

Thanks and all the best

Could you show a screen shot? I don’t have any Open in my app and there is no command to open (öffnen) anything in the iOS app.

here you go

to open (verb) = öffnen
open (adjective) = offen

Now I finally managed to find an Open command.
Yes, it should be Öffnen, like it is in Swedish (Öppna)

thanks for the sunday work! looking forward to not signing every time I create a new document

all the best


Wonderful app - but German localisation is a shame. Keep discovering mistakes and inconsistencies… Sorry, don‘t mean to nitpick but being a language sensitive person (naturally) this does bother me.
Best, R

I’d love to use the app interface in English but spelling and grammar in German. It’s possible in the desktop version, but I haven’t figured out how to do this in iOS.

As the entire documentation and the information found in these forums are based on the English version, it’s a real hassle to re-translate from German into English when looking for information in here or in the knowledge base. I’m also as a long time Scrivener user so used to the English interface that I keep wondering what the heck is going on in the German version.

Also, a wish list section in the iOS forum would be very nice.



Here are two more places where the German is incorrectly used.

“Öffnen” should be used in the Navigate (?) menu:

And the correct context menu item for “Look up” (in the dictionary) in German would be “nachschlagen”.

Love the app! Looking forward to the new Dark Mode :wink: