German Tutorial

In the Past, you could find a german tutorial on this site:

But now, the link is down, i wrote a message to the owners of the site, but no one replied to my emails.
Does anyone still have this german manual?
And sorry for my english, i’m german!

Works for me (with a bit of clicking and opening the download link in a new window).

It appears to be for the older 1.9 version, though, as Scrivener wants to convert it to the new format upon opening. Still may be useful if you are having trouble with English.

Thanks a lot for this tip. With a new Windows works perfect and now i got it.

Its just for the basics. Later i use the english version, for the new things.

Thank you for your help!

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As a tip, if you want a translated copy of the Interactive Tutorial for Scrivener 3, you can open it, Compile it just like any other project, and then run it through a translation program like DEEPL. If you wanted to work through it, you could then import the translated copy back into Scrivener.

You can also get a machine translated copy of the user manual by saving a copy of the manual PDF and importing it into DEEPL or another translation program. I’m sure that the translations will be imperfect, but it may be helpful.

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Very good idea - thank you very much!