Getting cover to show up inside epub

I’ve been successfully compiling to epub from Scrivener, it works great. Cover shows up on the outside. But, there is no entry for ‘cover’ in the TOC, and I can’t scroll back to it. Is there a way to make it show up? I can’t find anything specific to this, though I may just not be putting in the proper search terms.

I’m viewing it in Books on MacOS, and in Bluefire reader on iOS.

A cover is not supposed to be inside the book, but outside. If you want to include it, add a full page graphic before the ToC. The required size is up for debate since epub pages aren’t fixed and graphics will split across them.

There seem to be a lot of folks selling books on Amazon who disagree. A quick flip through my kindle library shows pretty much every single book has a “cover” entry in the toc,

It depends on the vendor’s publishing guidelines, but some will discourage or prohibit having a graphic in the page flow as a navigable section because the reader will also insert the formal cover into the reader’s stream dynamically—thus you’d end up with two covers. So you’ll want to double-check what best practices are with everyone you upload to.

With Amazon in particular, you definitely do not want to be inserting a cover image as a pseudo-chapter. Those entries you see in the ToC are added by the reader software.

For those that do allow it (or for those where that is the only option for providing a cover, rather than in metadata), this is precisely what the Add HTML cover page setting is for, in the Cover tab of your compile settings.