Getting endnotes to start over with 1 after each chapter

Hi - I’m trying to get scrivener to compile the endnotes not as one long list but as starting over with “1” after each chapter. Can someone advise? Thanks!

Hi Neono. Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I am not on Mac, but still I have a question for you :
How did you get your end notes to all be together at the end of your book ?
Is it that you merged the whole draft into a single document ?

Because otherwise, if the Mac compiler acts like the Windows’ version’s, by setting your end notes to be at the end of a section, they should have their number reset each time the endnotes are dropped in the designated spot. (If I am not mistaken.)

Here is a screenshot of a compile format, accessible by double-clicking on it, in the list on the left side of the main compile panel :

There is also a placeholder that you can drop in the editor or in the compile-format section’s suffix/prefix/etc where you want your endnotes to be, in case the compile-format options don’t do.

Endnote options depend on the file format you’re compiling to. For Print, PDF, or ebooks, ticking the option to Group endnotes by section should do what you want—the endnotes will be listed after the full manuscript but subdivided into sections (determined by page/section breaks), with the section title and the numbering restarting at 1 for each section. (This is all available when editing a compile format; double-click on the format in the compile panel and choose Duplicate & Edit if you’re working with one of the stock formats.)

For file formats like RTF and DOCX, Scrivener doesn’t have this option for true endnotes, but you should be able to set it up easily in your word processor by editing the endnote style/settings there to restart numbering per section. Alternatively, you can tick Flatten footnotes and comments into regular text in the Compatibility pane, which will treat the endnotes like regular text (so your word processor wouldn’t see them as a special “endnotes” style) but will give you the same options as for PDFs, so you could group them by section as described above.

Hi neono,

For those using Scrivener+LaTeX, the command that I place at the end of each chapter/section/subsection where I want to restart the endnote numbering is:

\setcounter{endnote}{0} % Restarting endnotes numbering for each chapter?

Due to the copious number of graphs, tables, figures, offset paragraphs, etc. in my project that make arranging all the items on each page a spacial challenge, I’ve set up the project so I have the option to have footnotes -OR- endnotes in any chapter, section or subsection (the default is footnotes).

I imagine such an arrangement is not “according to Hoyle”, which I may have to deal with later, but for now it helps with organizing my draft.


How to get it printed at the end of each chapter?
I set it up similar to what is shown in the image, but for DOCX, and everything appears at the end of the page.
If I try to use as PDF export, then it works… :frowning:
I need an editable format to edit before printing.

Thank you

I use Nisus Writer Pro, not Word, but…

This is something I do in NWP after compiling. I replace the page break before each new chapter or equivalent with a section break, then in the stylesheet, I set endnotes to be placed at the end of sections and to restart at 1.

As I don’t use Word or Libre Office, I can’t tell you how to accomplish it in those, but it must be possible.