Getting started questions: Multi-device, multi-editor, speech to text

Hi all, I’ve owned Scrivener for quite a while, but every time I try and integrate it into my workflows I find it falls short. Because I love the overall structure it provides for shaping and reshaping content, I’d rather not write it off. Instead, I thought I’d ask the community for help on a few things that I feel are blocking me from getting value and pushing me into google docs instead. Note: in the past I’ve tried to use it more for organizing shorter content (articles, blogs, whitepapers, etc) and I’m moving into more of a “build towards a book” mode.

1 - I “write” extensively using speech-to-text to allow better narrative flow and speed. I currently use (live transcription plus reference recording) for freeform thinking, and Google Docs speech to text tool for structured writing (articles, essays, etc). Is there any way to smoothly integrate that quality of transcription engine into a Scrivener workflow?

2 - I also work across a variety of devices, capturing content via my mobile, my laptop, and my desktop (Android, Windows, Windows). Most of the articles I’ve seen here seem pretty clunky in how content is synchronised across multiple devices, am I missing something?

3 - I often do very fast review cycles with multiple other individuals, often several quick iterations per segment before moving on to the next. They often add comments and make live edits. Google Docs makes this trivial, but doesn’t offer any of the organizational tools I would value out of Scrivener. Is there any path to doing this I’m missing?

Thanks in advance,

Updating to my own question. I discovered that Cortana speech-to-text (Windows-H) does a decent job for the core typing aspects, so it’s more the multi-editor and multi-device questions I would value .