Getting text back to left align after bullet list.

I got a bullet list, but now I want to go back to left align, but the text will only go as far left as to line up with the previous bullet indentations.
I tried: tab + left cursor arrow, Ctrl+left cursor arrow.

How do I do this?

It should revert to the normal default indentation that you’ve set for left alignment. I just tested and found that it did so for me. But I’ve also had some problems with post-list formatting in the past.

Try this: go to the end of your last bullet point and press Enter to start a new paragraph/point. Then click the List icon on the toolbar to turn off list formatting. Does that do it? Or is that what you already tried?

Yes I tried that…

Another option would be to convert the entire document to your default style: Documents menu > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style. That should preserve the list formatting, but reset indentation to your default setting.


On a Mac, you just hit the enter key twice, ending the list and returning to the standard alignment for the document.

Same for Windows?

If not, does return then backspace work?


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