Getting Title Numbering to Recognise Document Structure on Compile

Does anybody know how to get the numbering of the titles to recognise the document structure, ie with 1.1, 1.1.1 etc? At the moment, Scrivener is ‘flattening’ the structure on compile so that all the sections flow one after the other, ie 1, 2, 3.

By comparing with the presets, it seems that you have to use the prefix: <$hn>

Yes, that’s correct. You can find a full list of placeholders like this under Help > List of All Placeholders…

Have you got it working now with <$hn>?

Keith, I was going to chime in earlier, but when I loaded up the Interactive Tutorial, and brought up compile, there didn’t seem to be a compile format that contained that kind of document format. I saw 3 different Outline formats that contained hierarchical numbering in the document formats (which seemed odd, couldn’t they all be serviced with one compile format with a variety of heading numbering schemes + synopsis text?), but none for things like academic / technical papers that typically do that sort of numbering.

I tried various output formats (PDF, RTF, Word, Print…) but nothing applicable popped up. Am I missing something, or does Scrivener 3 no longer include compile formats for that sort of thing?

It contains all the same formats as Scrivener 2 and more (remember that a number of formats are project-specific, so only show up if you use, say, one of the academic templates). I believe that only the “Enumerated Outline” format uses the hierarchical numbering placeholder, though, as none of the academic templates we provide require them.