Getting two errors when validating EPUB file


I’m working on compiling an EPUB file from Scrivener and editing it to my specifications in Sigil. Everything is running smoothly, except when I go to validate my EPUB file in Sigil, I’m getting two errors.

The first error is about the date I added in the metadata section of the EPUB compile in Scrivener. I chose the format “yyyy-MM-dd” in Scrivener and added my desired date 2012-10-31. However, when I validate in Sigil I get the following:

What is adding in that extra “T00:00:00”? And how can I fix this within Scrivener? That way I don’t have to do it manually in Sigil.

The next error that I receive is for something else. It reads:

I have no idea what this means. If anyone could explain it and how I can fix the error, I would greatly appreciate.

Thank you for your help!

Just wanted to give this a quick bump and also say that when I have the date set to “yyyy” the “T00:00:00” is not entered and the error does not occur. However the other error regarding the “media-type” still occurs.

I don’t have a fix, I’m sorry, but the T00:00:00 is the time - HH:MM:SS. It doesn’t show up for yyyy for the same reason the day doesn’t show up - you’ve stopped at a more general, inclusive level that renders them meaningless (For example, it’d be really weird to say 2012 at 14:34:12… it makes no sense).

Is there a way to set date specificity in Sigil? (I don’t use it, but you might have a settings conflict).

Ah! Yes. There is a way to manually change the date in Sigil under the “contents.opf” file. Thank you! I ran the validate epub file and that problem was fixed. Though it’d be nice if I could figure it out directly in Scrivener’s compile window. But this is an easy enough solution.

However, I’m still receiving the other error about the media:

Appreciate the help!

I have this on the list to check with Lee, since it looks like Scrivener is just putting in the wrong info here, but in any case you can edit that line in Sigil so that it is correctly “application/vnd.adobe-page-template+xml” – it’s just missing the “vnd.” in the type. If you double-click the cell in the “File” column in the validation results, it will take you there in the editor.

Very simple! Problem fixed and no more errors after validation. Thank you.