Ghost Files In Dropbox after sync

It seems I’ve create a problem while working to solve another. Initially I was unable to access my project on the IOS app after syncing from my iMac. I had been using the sync with another folder option which I guess is incorrect. I was also running the older version of Scrivener which I’ve corrected. I followed advice from someone here on the forum that was offered to a user with a similar IOS sync issue. I did a “save as” save from the file menu and saved the project to drop box. I them dragged it into the proper apps/scrivener/draft string in Dropbox. Problem solved. The app on my iPad saw the project and I was able to edit. After writing for awhile and making a bunch of changes I went to my iMac and did a sync with mobile devices command. All the changes took, that was great. However the command created a new draft folder filled with individual rtf documents but no project file. So now ,y string in Dropbox looks like this apps/draft/scrivener/draft. The project file is in the second draft folder in the string, the first one holds those documents. I’m not quite sure how to undo this or if it will haunt ,e in the future. I’m early in this project and don’t ,I don’t backing up the scenes and creating an entirely new project and syncing that one if that’s my best option. Before I do that I thought I’d check here to see if someone recognizes the problem I’ve created and can tell me what not to do in the future. So I’m running an older model iMac (2009) and iPad Air 2 and an iPhone 6. The Mac is running El Capitan, the IOS devices have the latest version.

Thanks all.

Did you (once again) use the ‘File-Sync with-External folder’ when you came back to your iMac?

NEVER use that command again, ever!!! :smiling_imp:

What you should have done was simply to open the project, using ‘Open…’. And why did you move around the files after having saved them in your Dropbox folder? Why didn’t you just ‘Save as…’ from start?


Yes, as lunk says, if you have a Draft folder with RTF files in it, you must have used Sync > with External Folder. You don’t use that feature to sync with the iOS version - that is for syncing individual files with an external folder which is completely unrelated to iOS.

We’ve posted an extensive guide to using and troubleshooting Dropbox sync here: … g-with-ios

If you’re having problems either getting things working or understanding what you need to do, this should cover everything you need to know. It’s long because it goes into every single detail for users who aren’t really au fait with Dropbox or file systems.

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Just a detail… Did you update Mac Scrivener to 2.8? Otherwise going back and forth between Mac and iPad won’t work.

I’ll read the posting. But in short, yes I did the syn mom and again after updating although I did sync with mobile devices. Since that first time it’s just been telling me when I open it that things have changed and I tell it to sync right away. I was originally using the wrong scrivener version but did upgrade. I think I’ve just broken this one and may need to open and start a whole new project. Again, only a few thousand words in so backing and pasting that into a new project won’t be difficult. First, I, going to delete that extra folder filled with documents and never use the other sync command. Well, fist I will read the info in that link you provided. I’ll also back it up before doing anything. Thanks for the fast response.


I deleted the extra draft folder and everything was fine across all three devices. I did some editing on the desktop and closed it. It did the automatic sync with Dropbox and boom the draft folder and all its goodies returned. It’s clear if I continued this manuscript using this project I was going to be working with two copies of it every time I ran a sync. It would become cumbersome quickly. So I backed up my stuff. Created a new project using the advice in the above link, thank you, then after deleting the old project on all devices I did a sync with the IOS devices. They found the new project and its contents, no problem. I closed out the desktop and checked Dropbox and no new draft folder appeared. So I guess it was following what ever incorrect command I gave it when I first tried to sync with external folder and it wasn’t going to let it go. I think the most important advice I found in that link that did not come with the App project instructions was t be sure the project file was Med into the Dropbox file BEFORE opening Scrivener. In this one I just selected drop box as the save too location when I was creating the project and then dragged the project file within Dropbox and put it in the proper folder.

Now if I can just figure out why the cover page is not showing the word count. It did with the last book and I’m sure I’m using the same project template. Not critical but I do like to set session and week ahead goals and keep track. It’s easy enough to do m the desktop. I’ll feel ,y way around the app.

Thank you so much for the guidance. I hope my little misadventure can help someone else along.