Ghost Images

Occasionally, when I attempt to import an image (.png) into a Scrivener note, the image comes in as a fuzzy icon (rectangle with turned-down corner). My first thought was a corrupt image, so I fixed that. But, to no avail. The image displays fine in other image viewers, but will not render in Scrivener. I should mention that the document has 10 notes or pages, each with a perfectly rendered image … all except the one I am fighting. ANY IDEAS??

Have you verified that the image is in fact a PNG? I’ve sometimes seen images that are actually JPEGs with PNG extensions and so on, I suspect browsers are the main culprit in that form of confusion. Otherwise, is the image something you can share here? If so please attach it to a response so we can test with the same image (or send it in to our support address if you do not wish to share it publicly).

Upon further analysis, this does not appear to be Scrivener issue. Somewhere in the process of taking a screenshot, cropping the image, and annotating … the image became corrupt. No further support needed. Thanks to all. Ticket closed.