Giving Scrivener to Someone Else

I would like to pay for Scrivener and receive a product code (preferable on a nice looking L&L page) with which the person to whom I’d like to give Scrivener can download the software onto her computer.

Is there such a thing?

Apparently not possible in the Mac app store.

I haven’t checked Amazon. The Amazon page for Scrivener had some angry reviews from buyers who were not given a product code and couldn’t download the software or get their money back.

Thank you

Buy her an iTunes gift card?
I’m doing that for two friends who live outside the USA.

Buy it from the Literature and Latte store, but make sure you enter her name, not yours, in the appropriate point of the process (obviously you pay with your own details…)

You’ll be sent an email acknowledgement, with the registration code on. Then you can simply enter the details for the download and the code in any form you want – in a Christmas card, perhaps?

That’s what I did when I bought my son a copy and had no problems. And that way the developers get a slightly higher proportion of the fee and you get a version that isn’t subject to the (minor) limits placed on it by Apple’s sandboxing.



Thanks very much to both of you.


Either Druid’s or David’s solution will work. If you want the actual registration rather than just a generic gift card with which she could buy anything, though, I’d definitely recommend going through our own store.

Argh, it annoys me that Amazon have let those reviews stand - that was a system error on Amazon’s part, not us. We sent Amazon the registration codes which they give out when someone buys a copy, and something went wrong whereby they didn’t send out codes to some users at first.

Anyway, as David says, if you go through our store, you can just enter the recipient’s name for the registration, but enter your own name and address for purposes of the credit card:

Note that this will result in her name being on our systems, but your address. That’s not really an issue since we don’t use the address for anything, but if you’d rather update it to use her address, just email us at sales AT literatureandlatte DOT com and we can sort that out for you.

You can then print off the registration email that gets sent to you and pop it in a Christmas card. I suppose we should look at putting together a nicer gift registration form to print off at some point - that would be a nice addition.

Thanks for wanting to buy Scriv for someone!

All the best,