Glitch with tab key

This is the second time this has happened to me and I traced it this time and duplicated the problem.
I have imported some text documents from Word and put the text in Research folder.
No problems so far.

When I copy and paste the text from research folder to draft copy it throws off the tab key.
Every time. The tab key takes the cursor half way across the page and all the increments are off from there. Why won’t the tab key behave properly?
I am making my own script template, which I hit tab twice to put characters name.

After this glitch I am unable to work unless I delete it all and hand type the info back in so the tab key will work for me.

figured it out, had to show the ruler, then select all, and move all the flags that indicate tab jumps.

If I start a document, using a blank template, and show the ruler, there is no indication where the tab gaps would take place. (it seems to leap about inch or more, each press of tab key)

When I imported the text from Word, then copy and paste the text into my writing window, and show the ruler, there are little flags that indicate the margins of the indentations with tab key. They seem to have come along with the imported file, and they mess up everything.
And they show the flags on the ruler, where ordinarily, on default settings I cannot see the tab flags that indicated how many spaces the tab key jumps