Global Formatting of a Document


perhaps this problem as asked before. However I am not able to find it.

I’m writing a doctoral dissertation. However I’m having problems formatting the entire document.

I want to apply changes to the ruler as in US Ltr size document 8.5 and remove all tabs. I know hos to apply the changes page by page however I would like to apply it globally all over the document.

Tks in advance.


Yes, we have a knowledge base article on this topic that you may find useful.

One thing to note however is that Scrivener’s editor is not aware of paper size. There shouldn’t be much you need to change in the editor itself for that—fitting the text into a paper-sized document is something that happens when you compile, according to your compile settings. If you are adding a right indent of 8.5 inches to your documents, you may come to regret that, as this is actually a 9.5 indent (or so) with a 1" margin, and you probably meant it as a margin in the first place, not an indent (or outdent, as the case may be!). Sorry if you already knew that, but given your wording I wanted to make sure.