Global Unmark for "compile"?

I am a beginner with Scrivener, so please excuse me if I missed something in the FAQs or help section, but I am currently stumped. I am using Scrivener to turn a doctoral dissertation into a book. As part of that I imported about a thousand notes from Evernote (many of which began their lives in OneNote) and placed them in the Research. They are all marked “compile” and I do not want them as part of the text that I am writing, although I do want them readily available in Scrivener. So far the only solution I can find is to go “card by card” and unmark each one in the General Meta-Data “include in Compile” checkbox. I tried to select them all and do the unmark for the group, but only the top card was unmarked.
Is there a way to do a global unmark of the “include in Compile” checkbox?

Nothing outside of your draft folder will actually be compiled. Only if you were to move those notes into the Draft folder would that setting become relevant.

Many thanks. Ed

You can also make batch changes on this setting, should you need to, using the outliner and choosing to display the Include in Compile column from View > Outliner Columns. If you select a container in the binder to load in the outliner, you can then hold the Alt key while clicking in any of the checkboxes in that column to set all of them on or off. For items in the compile group, you can also do this with the Alt key in the Contents area of the Compile dialog.