Gmail new look

Google have recently ruined Gmail by introducing a new look that must qualify as one of the worst “improvements” in modern history. It is quite remarkably ugly. Does anyone know how it might be improved – genuinely improved – or am I going to have to change to Hotmail? (Which actually looks quite good, to my eye.)

Cheers, Martin.

In part answer to my own question, here is a link to a page that explains how to use a stylesheet to change the appearance back to the old version: … nent/4215/

I’m slowly adapting the stylesheet for Mailplane, as I usually use that instead of the normal browser interface. It takes a while, because the cascading stylesheet is so complex. The solution above is more or less a few clicks, however, so it’s not technically challenging.

Cheers, Martin.

I hated the new gMail look for a while… oddly now, and I’m not sure if its just getting used to it, or my cognitive impairment, but I don’t really remember what the old one was like… and I’ve just got used to the new one… :wink:

I recently decided that gmail is a backend to a non-google supplied front end. Meaning I am so sick and tiered of their constant look and feel changes that I am accessing their servers via IMAP.

Mac folks, take a look at Sparrow.

And yes, for me once every two years is too frequent a change cycle. BAH!!