"Go To First Unread" button in this new Forum

This is a wish list item for the new and improved Forum board format. There used to be a “Go to first unread” button at the top of every thread, next to the numbered page navigation buttons. After the “update,” this button seems to have disappeared. Which would be okay if there were a navigation preference that would automatically skip to the first unread when opening a thread (something that is possible in other BBS forums, so why not us?).

Anyway, if you could, it would make it better around here.

There seems to be such an icon in the forum view, but not within a particular thread. I’ve attached a picture; it’s the little orange page icon. That will link you to the first unread post within a particular thread.

That seems to be exactly what I was looking for, simply stashed in a different place. Thanks for the heads-up.