Going back & forth between Mac & PC

As I’ve mentioned, a friend bought me Scrivener for my macbook. I work on a macbook AND on a desktop PC, and would like to be able to go back and forth. The license key doesn’t seem to work for my PC, though.

  1. Do I have to buy another instance of Scrivener?
  2. Will the material automatically sync between them (I save everything in Dropbox)? In other words, would the two instances be fully compatible, or are they fundamentally different products?

Thank you all for welcoming me and answering my daily questions!!


PS I found some old answers in the forums but they seem quite out of date, which is why I’m asking again.

Hi ejgraff, and thank you for using Scrivener.

I suggest that you start with this Knowledge Base article on our per-platform licenses.

It includes a link to the webstore page on cross-grading your license.

You might also find this Knowledge Base article about working on two platforms helpful if you decide to have both a Mac and PC using the same projects.

If you decide to share projects using a cloud-syncing service, we some tips and recommendations.