Goodbye scrivener, I loved you so much

I’ve been a quiet user of scrivener for over a decade I think. and I loved it quite well. I even made sure to get an iPhone whenever possible. However, this time I have no choice and must use an android. Sadly, you flat-out refuse to go with android so I had to switch to your closest competitor. Truth be told I kind of like them. They don’t have all your features but its a seamless transition between all three (I suppose 4 if you count mac) major OSes.

I suppose it’s true, either stay with the times or be left behind. Sorry scrivener but you just might have lost a long-time user by clinging to the past. I might be back once I get an iPhone but its easy to import back in so there’s no telling.

So fare thee well my old friend. may you dust off the cobwebs and update.

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Good luck with your new software. I kind of understand your frustration (waiting for an Android version of Scrivener, too), but:

That’s not the case. Scrivener will come to Android:

I’ll keep an eye on scrivener but you really should get off the ball and make it. id be happy to test it. and even happier to buy it. a few years ago android wasn’t on the table but I guess the crust is starting to flake off on the dusty software lol.

L&L is a (very) small company and I’m no part of it, so I don’t see how I could make it. I’m just a fellow waiting user. This isn’t going to change the fact that there’s simply no Android version available right now and likely won’t be in the near future, so that’s an unfortunate show-stopper for some users. But that’s not based on refusal. It is in the making.

my apologies for assuming you were a part. I know they’re small but 10+ years is a long time time to wait on an android version


Good luck with the next phase of your writing journey. To help others in the same position, what app have you switched to and do you have any advice about how best to get work out of Scrivener and into the new app?

On the flip side, with the new iPads (with the M2 chips), and soon the 14 and 16 inch MacBook Pros (with the newer 3nm M2 chips) coming out early next year, the whole landscape for distributed computing is moving to a new plateau, with speeds that resemble what mainframes could do, now on our own laps.

With Android hardware in the Smartphones, tablet computers, smart TVs(Android TV), Android Autoand smartwatches (Wear OS) arena, it will be interesting to see how the power of the M2 chip in both the iPad and MacBook Pro plays out against the Android market hardware.


It likely won’t make a big difference. Android’s problems by and large aren’t related to a lack of computing power.

The File → Export → Files command will export the entire contents of a project into a folder hierarchy that replicates the structure of the project. This is probably the best way to extract research files and other elements that wouldn’t be captured by the Compile command.

The Compile command is the best way to assemble a project’s “Draft” folder into a single document for use in a conventional word processor.



Was thinking more on the import side of the other app. I have found the ‘sync with external folder’ tool very useful:

  1. To make files available in Markdown
  2. To have the ability to import back to Scrivener if needed

Still interested to learn if the OP has anything to share from their experience.

Scrivener’s native format is RTF. Research files will be exported in their original format, whatever that is. So it would depend on how the other app handles those formats.

Livingwriter It hardly has the features of Scrivener but it seems to work as I adapt to it. I sorely miss the ctrl+k to create a new scene. Finding, cutting, and pasting is a chore but they plan on doing that in the early 2023. I do love the versions feature. I just used that a while ago when I made a major mistake. (I misunderstood how the inline replying works until I selected something to paste it in and saw the nifty way to do it. That’s why there is a deleted text.)

I agree. It’s not what you have it’s how you use it.

I know, I’ve used it quite often, I’ve even used it to view then reimport into scrivener, using the separators

I never actually used markdown, since I bought scrivener ios the moment I bought an iPad mini. However, I’ve had experience with scrivener’s sync with an external folder before that, and it wasn’t pleasant. I never did find a curly quotes-friendly writing app for android at the time, my complaints about it are littered throughout the app store.

Livingwriter so far has what I can use, just not what I need. I need scrivener for android but livingwriter will work…for now.

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now I find the hook, Ive been enjoying a trial, which I doubt if I’ll keep. 10 a month is troublesome for me. So once the trial is over I will be going back to Scrivener, unless I find something else

In case the price alone is not enough to know what you might be stepping into:

That’s where I stop reading…

Just a question off the top of my head though:
The trial… what happens to whatever you write during that period ? … :face_with_monocle:
Will you be able to compile ? export ? – without a paid subscription ? :skull_and_crossbones: :poop: :face_vomiting:
Or, is it like a pusher giving freebies for the first couple of days ? … Just long enough so that you have no choice but to become a regular client…

Another question that comes to me:
If they host everything, how do you backup? Can you backup?
Or are you gambling as regard to their server maintenance and durability; their overall professionalism?

But hey, in truth, I don’t actually care – they would’ve lost me at the “no offline” part.


Welcome back, Xade !

And they most likely don’t have @November_Sierra as a regular to their forum…
That’d be quite a downer.


Me too.

It’s kind of ironic. The monthly subscription is justified in part by the ongoing costs of maintaining a server. My two least favorite “features” in one big package of Nope.


The price is not the only dealbreaker with me, tho it is a good one

yes, you can that would be a jerk move if they didn’t and a reason to sue.

Again, I don’t know, I didn’t think of the no offline part, truth be told. It is a major dealbreaker for me.

thanks, I guess I’ll be two phoning again, lol

I’m not very active here but I think I will. so yeah, not having him/her is a downer

I was willing to forgive the no offline part but they should at least let you have one book for free. There’s also the lack of easily dividing the document, no curly quotes, Having to manually add the chapter titles, etc. I mean you can have it export the titles but it exports the scene titles and everything. so yeah, the experiment failed, I’m trotting back into the Scrivener fold.

In fact I am formatting the chapters and scenes for easy import back in because I did some editing while I was trying it out. adding the # and $ symbols I like to use. However, I can use Grammarly with it so I will be going over it during the rest of my trial simply for that but when the last day rolls around its officially goodbye livingwriter and hello my old friend scrivener.