Goodbye scrivener, I loved you so much

In case the price alone is not enough to know what you might be stepping into:

That’s where I stop reading…

Just a question off the top of my head though:
The trial… what happens to whatever you write during that period ? … :face_with_monocle:
Will you be able to compile ? export ? – without a paid subscription ? :skull_and_crossbones: :poop: :face_vomiting:
Or, is it like a pusher giving freebies for the first couple of days ? … Just long enough so that you have no choice but to become a regular client…

Another question that comes to me:
If they host everything, how do you backup? Can you backup?
Or are you gambling as regard to their server maintenance and durability; their overall professionalism?

But hey, in truth, I don’t actually care – they would’ve lost me at the “no offline” part.