Google autocomplete (get those strawberries off my nipples!)

This is hilarious.

You know how when you type something in Google’s search field, it will keep popping up suggestions as you type to try to guess what you want to type based on other people’s searches? Try typing the following different searches into Google and see what it suggests in an attempt to complete your sentences:

i really

robots are e

how come a c

woud you hi

i like jesus

how to tell if

do m

why is

i like to

when will jesus

what a

All of the above are catalogued on this site (I heard about it because it was mentioned in today’s Guardian):

All the best,

If you are too lazy to open two browsers, you can use the little google search box in safari to get an abbreviated list.

You really need to see the full sentences to get the full effect though. :slight_smile:

You could just make the google search box larger by clicking between the address box and the search box and dragging left…


Pork chops are sounding mighty tasty right now.

really? i thought you were a vegi type? Which it seems I am becoming. Man is that a switch.

Ha, I am actually, though not religious about it. It’s an ecological thing for me, not a health (and it is not automatically more healthy; it can actually be a bit more difficult to stay healthy unless you know the tricks) or cruelty issue.

That’s true. Too much cheese is not a good thing. Thank goodness for Quorn. :slight_smile:

Are we offtopicking? :open_mouth: :imp:

“That’s true. Too much cheese is not a good thing. Thank goodness for Quorn.”

Rice and beans eaten in combination is supposed to provide the whole protein that vegetables. plant matter lacks.
In contrast to that Gorillas get pretty big on fruit and cows do well on just grass.

This thread has been screwed: Official.


You are right. While you can get enough protein in pure gram allowances from legumes, not all of them have a full complement of amino acids, and that is just as important as grams. You also have to watch out for some beans which have enzyme inhibitors that block the body’s ability to properly digest protein and iron; chief among them is the stereotypical vegetarian staple, the soybean (fermenting goes a long way toward eliminating that problem). The reason for including rice is that it is a grain that has some of the amino acids missing in many legumes, but you can pair beans with other sources to equal impact, such as a pasta dish with beans and a sauce, gardenburger on bread, and so forth. It’s really not that tricky, just eat a good variety of foods and you’ll do okay. Fruit and vegetables will boost vitamin C, which boosts the body’s ability to store nonheme iron (which is pretty much all you get from vegetable sources).

Quorn is good as something to mix in to the diet. It got some bad press over here when it first started hitting the markets, mostly a targeted campaign by competing substitute brands, like GardenBurger, and a lot of hyperbole surrounding the fact that it is a vat grown mould. As if stuff growing out of a waste product (soil) is inherently less icky, when you think about it.

I am perfectly OK with anything the prohibits the absorption of anything. I figure I have enough packed away to give a blue whale decent competition in the BMI category (a little off the better eating wagon the last couple of months). For me eating needs to move from “getting protein” into “fooling the gut into thinking it is full” while simultaneously convincing the brain that “you consumed something pleasant”.

Lots of home made chinese and tofu in my future.

I eat old people’s medication for fuel while running from the pterodactyl that keeps trying to molest me while I run from the midget with night vision who is eating a cupcake because it is a mineral.

Oh, these are hilarious! :mrgreen: Thanks for sharing!

And you know, after we here in the States gorged ourselves on Thanksgiving turkey and multifarious variations of “the trimmings,” rice, beans, and pork chops don’t sound too bad! :wink:

The funniest one is this… type in this and see what it finishes with.
“Why won’t my”