Google Desktop or Spotlight in Leopard

Anyone have preferences in terms of searching the desktop?

Is Google’s desktop better than Lepords spotlight?

Anything beter then either of them? I need one tool that will do it fast and easy so any help is appreaciated.

Also…I switch back and fourth between a Mac (me) and Windows (Work)
Does anyone use Google Calendar?


I use EasyFind, the freeware search tool from Devon. For some reason (probably because I never took the time to learn to use spotlight properly), it finds what I need faster than anything, and I’ve tried many options.

Google Desktop seemed like a space hog – doesn’t it create its own index, or does it rely on Spotlight’s?

There are Spotlight modifiers (e.g. NotLight, SpotInside) and other apps whose primary job isn’t searching (e.g. Quicksilver) that, I’ve read, many nevertheless use instead of Spotlight.

Same here

Spotlight is good for “index searching” but Easyfind is the best for filename file folder searching by far

I like Spotlight and I find it to be very powerful. Try do a search on XP with Windows Explorer and you’ll know what I mean. I’ve actually converted a Windows user to Mac on the strength of Spotlight.

I’m going to give EasyFind a go; thanks for the tip chaps.