Google Docs Transfer and One Other Thing

Hello guys,

So I have two questions. For the most part, Scrivener is awesome, I love pretty much everything about it, I got it with the NaNoWriMo discount last month (I know, late to the game but I DID IT lol) which actually brings me to my first question.

I won NaNo (yay) and it was my first one, but since I did not have Scrivener during NaNo, my entire story is currently on a google doc. When I tried to copy and paste a scene into a Scrivener scene, even with the matched style, it was all blue, and all underlined and I was unable to erase it. So I’ve had to past it into a word document and then into Scrivener, which is a bit tedious, anyone know a shortcut?

My second question is a rather odd one. I was fiddling around with the setup and whatnot, and I wanted to try and get a background color other than white since it is easier on the eyes. In my fiddling, I think I somehow made everything I write highlighted automatically. Mercifully I can turn this off easily in the actual writing area, but now it is invading the scene summary boxes and is driving me up the wall…how do I turn it off? Or even how do I reset the silly thing??? It is irritating me far more than it should.

As you can see my problems are not severe but help would be appreciated. Thanks!