Google Spell Checker Tool?sp

I really appreciate Scrivener, and the way it’s getting better.
I can see that there have been many requests for a better spell checker for years.
Sadly, I (still) find the spell checker limited and insufficient. In an application developed for writers specifically, this is highly unfortunate.
To ensure correct spelling, I have to copy my text to Google mail or Google docs, which find errors that Scrivener didn’t detect, and, unlike Scrivener give few or none false positives. I understand that the Scrivener team is not Google, but perhaps there is a way to link/embed Google spell checker inside Scrivener, if not directly then perhaps under Writing Tools?
Thank you!

Maybe you can set your Bibliography/Citations Manager to Google’s Spell checker? Or use Grammarly or ProWritingAid to check your writing?
It’s in [File > Options > General > Citations] and setting it to any executable makes [Insert > Bibliography/Citations…] start that application.

Thanks for chiming in, Antoni. It’s easy enough to find a workaround, including copy/paste to Google or Word, back and forth. What I would like to see is a solution that is integrated with Scrivener.


It seems L&L thinks Grammarly and ProWritingAid can do a better job at checking spelling. PWA integrates really well with Scrivener projects (even though the supported method of working with external software is using [File > Sync > Sync to External folder). I know little of Grammarly.

Hi halinagold,

If all you’re looking for is a better dictionary to put inside Scriv’s built-in spell check feature, then see this thread for links and tips on how to replace the default dictionary with a more robust one. (The thread is in regards to the v3 beta, but still applies to the production version of v3.)

If you try to set up the alternate dictionary and experience any challenges, let me know and I’ll try to talk you through it.


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Thanks a lot @JimRac, I will definitely check this out!


Note for anyone else reading, this only applies to Scrivener for Windows. Scrivener for Mac relies on the Mac OS spelling engine.

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Scrivener for Windows :grin:

Nothing to see here; move along, citizen!

(thank gods for edit)

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Curious Halina,

Did you ever get a new dictionary?
Have you found any new input and instructions (preferably from Oz… aka L&L)
I really think this is a major pain considering how writers rely on, uh words! and properly spelled ones at that.
My fingers are too fat and interfere with my memory regarding spelling…

Hope you’ve solved it another way. I hate rooting around in the directories fixing stuff… that should be pristine in such a garden as Scriveners.

This link sends us back 4 years, Is there any news or update in 2021 post v3 that offers an easier path to sanity re a sound dictionary?


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Hi Wraff,

To be honest, as much as I appreciated the suggestions I did receive, I got a bit overwhelmed by the technical part of it, and decided to let it be and live with the imperfection of it… It’s easier for me to copy/paste via Word, and to use online thesaurus and dictionary than this.

I still hope for the day when an extensive, amazing, dynamic dictionary comes with the software without any additional work needed. A fair expectations with a tool created for writers, I think…

Kind greetings,