Gotchas to look out for upgrading to Sonoma from Monterey

I never installed the upgrade of Monterey to Ventura but once the dust has settled in the next few days/weeks with Sonoma (and Sonoma-compatible Scrivener) I plan to make the jump. What gotchas should I look out that may stall my use of Scrivener (and other programs)? I know there was a change to the Dropbox integeration with Ventura which means I will have to deal with that in Sonoma.

Current setups are a Mac Mini M1 with 16GB and a MacBookPro M1 with 16Gb. Time Machine is running the Mini although most of my files are in the cloud (either on Dropbox or iCloud). Will be upgrading from macOS Monterey 12.6 on both Macs.

You may find this read interesting (concerning iCloud): Do you use iCloud Drive? Are you intending to upgrade to Sonoma? – The Eclectic Light Company

EDIT: All in all I’m very happy with the update (didn’t run into the initial issues that got fixed now in Scrivener 3.3.3, and my cursor looked that way before anyways). Audacity crashed once on launch on one machine, but that was the only catastrophic event and didn’t repeat. Update just one computer and test everything thoroughly. Assume that everything will go wrong.

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