Grammarian Pro X

Hello, I have been looking at Grammarian Pro X recently. I was wondering if anyone else uses this and can share their experiences, or if there is other software like this out there I should be aware of. I think its a nifty program, but I don’t want to limit myself if there is better out there.

Thanks! :smiley:

Thanks for drawing our attention to this. Looks interesting. I’ve downloaded the trial and will work my way through the install instructions. I too would like to know if other Scrivener users have tried it?

I’ve used it along with Spell Catcher. I don’t remember whether they were part of the same package many years ago, when Casady and Green published them.
An old review of Spell Catcher: … 5224.shtml

Both programs have overlapping functions as well as unique features. I currently use Spell Catcher most of the time, but can’t remember why :blush:
Spell Catcher can trigger words from a Shorthand glossary. For example, I type “Ca” and Spell Catcher automagically types “California”
This is just one of dozens of shorthands that I added. I don’t remember whether Grammarian had this feature.

I think that in the past Spell Catcher did not have statistics and Grammarian did, but now Spell Catcher also has statistics (under the Modify Selection menu). I like both programs. :slight_smile: