Grammarly not showing suggestions while I write (and Scrivener check for updates issue)

Hey guys;
I have Scrivener installed on my Windows 11 PC but when I checked the version on my Windows 11 laptop, I found that I had an older version (3.0.1.x). When I clicked check for updates on the laptop, it said that Scrivener was up to date. I needed to go to the main website and download the free trial of ver in order to update on the laptop. Once I installed the trial, it found my license and I have the current version on both computers.

I would never have realized I was running an older version on the laptop if it hadn’t been for how Grammarly (premium) works. On the older version, I don’t see the corrections and suggestions underlined as I type; everything comes up only when I click the G icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
So I guess the ‘check for updates’ doesn’t work the way it is supposed to on the laptop.

Any ideas on this?

Yes, this is a known issue with older versions. We switched how upgrades are announced in 3.1.4, because after that point it became necessary to target 32-bit computers with a different updater as they do not support anything after

The problem is unfortunately unavoidable given how older versions are looking in the old place for update notes, and the older updater code wasn’t super flexible to begin with, limiting what could be done to help some machines upgrade but not others.

What you did is exactly how it should be done. The demo is the same as the full version, and can be used for any kind of re-installation you may need to do.