Grammarly quit working suddenly in Scrivener

I have been working in Scrivener since October of 2021. I have also been using Grammarly for the past several months. I am working on my second book with it. Suddenly Grammarly quit coming up in Scrivener two days ago. Any suggestions.

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It isn’t just you.
Truthfully, this is something that the Grammarly folks need to figure out.

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Hold on, I didn’t think Grammarly worked with Scrivener. Does it integrate now?

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Doesn’t sound like it … :wink:

For some time now. :wink:

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Thank you. I felt like I was going crazy. It works while I am typing this. LOL

Same here. Just snagged the latest installer but the version is the same, so no new build.

Thank you all. I thought I was going crazy too, spending the last few hours trying to get the GreenG to magically appear again in my Scrivener windows.

Just stopped working for me too. Tried to reinstall Grammarly and it worked for a bit but stopped again.

Ok, I confirm that this is an issue on Grammarly’s side. On one Mac I still have version 1.7, and it works in scrivener, while on the one it does not work it is version 1.8. I reported this to Grammarly and asked for the older release because I didn’t find it anywhere.

Feel free to report it as well:


Got an answer and it’s bad:

Unfortunately, Grammarly does not support Scrivener at this time.

So, this probably won’t get fixed in an upcoming version. I asked again for access to version of the app because they did not react to that request at all.

Ok, I noticed this thread is about scrivener for windows, but I was able to just copy over the 1.7 version from my old to my new Mac, and it works again in Scrivener. Not sure if it would be as easy as that on Windows.

If anyone wants 1.7, message me, and I’ll send it over.

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Right up to the point that Grammarly updates their app again. Makes it a real pain to use as you are constantly having to check which version you have to make sure it is sort of working, at least you think it is working, or maybe not…

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The more I look at what they are doing with the app API, the more I am thinking that they want people to pay to use it. What used to work everywhere, including Scrivener, now only works in a limited way in browsers, MS Word/Office, and Libre Office. And by “pay to use” I mean pay money for the API access for the developer and end user. The API has continual changes to it - what used to work in Scrivener now needs text blocks specifically set up in the software to call the API. I get better results from PWA without half of the circus needed with Grammarly. Grammarly still gives me only one option for speech, so my pirate ends up sounding like Star Trek’s Data (no contractions, ‘proper’ speech, etc.). I know it’s bad, it is supposed to be bad, leave it alone!


Good on you for mentioning ProWritingAid, @Jestar .

I’ve been pretty impressed with how much nicer its essentials can be to use, via their new Everywhere. app, particularly in ( inside of! ) Scrivener.

  • You get a tiny dot at lower right on any editor page, which grows to a small button when you hover it.
  • Click the button, and you get a tablet-style floating rounded corner window, configurable to show quite a number of PWA abilities.
  • You can move this panel around freely (fits nicely over the Inspector pane, stays there for next time), and click to close it in the usual way.

It’s pretty slick, really, Best to just try it and see.

Now that it’s out of beta which of course I tried, it appears this might be a free tool apart from the subscription one, which makes it quite a gift given that’s so.

Very much more attracting than the external app where you separately open the Scrivener project, while that has the full set of features. Which makes a good pairing, seems today…

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Oh my God! This is bad.

Appreciate everyone that has taken a few minutes to post on this issue. Following along with the conversation, I have done a few things to attempt to address this issue. I contact Grammarly, and also looked at ProWritingAid.

Grammerly responded with the following:

Unfortunately, our engineers identified some issues with Grammarly’s integration with Scrivener, and we rolled back our support for this specific desktop app. We don’t currently have a quick fix, but please rest assured that our team has been made aware of the issue. I can’t provide you with an estimated timeframe right now because the developers need some time to analyze the cause of the issue.

It would appear that the number of inquiries have had them consider looking to fix the issue. Although without a committed timeframe.

I also looked into ProWritingAid. Signed up for a trail and then installed the desktop version on my Mac that works with Scrivener. The “everywhere” version is not available for the Mac so also signed up for their pre-release.

I can see that the ProWritingAid tool appears to be much more useful, many more insights and breakdowns available for wordsmiths. While the suggestions may be technically correct, it feels like the end product to get a ‘perfect’ score looses out on coming across as, well, human.

Additionally, since the Everywhere version isn’t available on Mac, I would not really consider having to close one app to open another an integration. Mind you, it is certainly better than having to export, analyze, and re-import.

My budget for writing and marketing tools is limited. I’ve invested in a couple and plan to have revenue from published work support any further investments. So, any subscriptions, be they writing aids, or SEO enhancers will have to wait.

At this point, I’ve reinstalled Grammarly’s previous version, which works, and will wait until ProWritingAid everywhere is available for Mac to reconsider it as an option.

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Grammerly support just emailed me. THey found and have corrected the issue with version 1.9 which I was able to download.

And it does indeed work!


Is that the latest version?