Grammerly, ProWritingAid integration with Scrivener on a Mac, 2024

I’m a veteran Scrivener user but have never used an editing assistant. I’m interested in enlisting some form of automated help with ‘second drafts’ and editing my next non-fiction book. (Scrivener 3 on MacOS)

Technical question: I’ve searched this forum and see conflicting messages, from different dates, about integration of Grammerly and ProWritingAid with Scrivener. What is the latest (January 2024) about using these apps with Scrivener?

I’m leaning towards Grammerly, based on reviews.

Qualitative question: I’m an experienced writer/editor. I don’t need an automated writing coach. But I would love to be able to save time and work more efficiently by harnessing AI. I welcome any comments on how you use AI to assist your writing–including ChatGPT, if you use that.



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Moving this to the “Other Software” section, as it is not a Scrivener support question.

(From Scrivener’s point of view, using these applications changes nothing.)

Sorry for the miscasting. Thanks for moving it. I’ll pay more attention to the sections next time.