Grammeryly Works in macOS Big Sur

Yes, Grammerly works on my MacBook Pro, running Big Sur, but not on my desktop, running Monterey—I have no idea why. Does anyone have it running in Monterey? If so, I’d love to know how. It’s possibly a setting somewhere, but I don’t know. It sure is nice to have Grammarly right there inside Scrivener.

Often, problems like this are traced to Security and Privacy settings in System Preferences. Check Accessibility and ensure Grammarly is listed and checked. I used to use it, but gave up because it does not like my writing style and absolutely doesn’t like medical, legal, or tech writing.

It has started working again on my desktop machine, I have no idea why.

Thanks for the note, I’ll check there. That said, it has started working again on my desktop machine. I suspect it was a change Grammarly made, I did nothing.

Ahem :wink: