Graphic Design Software

What software do you recommend to use for graphic work within books like instruction manual with screen shots.

Ummm … Windows or Mac?



I’d highly recommend the Affinity suite programs. Designer (vector graphics) for macOS, Windows and iPadOS, Photo (guess what) also für Mac, Win and iPad and Publisher (desktop publishing, this would be where you usually polish books for print), macOS and Windows only.

If you have too much money, you could also check out Adobe (Illustrator, Photohop, InDesign) and pay a lot more every month.


Totally concur!



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I own all the Affinity Suite, but I guess what they do with graphics is too much for what I’m looking for which is just the scale to be set to 550 instead of 800 the default in Scrivener. Images are taking me way to long here when I just want them to show fit to a page and not have to edit every one individually.

So the actual problem is that you need to batch process a lot of images (before dropping them into Scrivener)?

Yeah, but I create the images as I write the sections. So my work flow goes like create image, write segment, create more images, write more segments… I don’t want the images shrunk or really made to fit the spot other than scaled down so that clients can pull and save real sized images from the document. If they want to actually see the image better they need to be able to pull the full image from the document. There are instructions for doing that at the beginning.

Either I’m stupid or your requirements are amoeba-like. May I ask what the intended target medium is? (PDF, ePub, HTML, etc.) Because I have a feeling what you actually want is not primarily graphics related.

So, you have prepped your graphic elements at a resolution you want your readers to have access to, but you need those images to present in a scaled down way on the page.

It is yet unclear to me whether what you are preparing is two versions of the graphics to achieve this — and hence what you are looking for is something like a drag&drop-simple resolution-dropper — OR if you are, rather, trying to solve a layout issue so the higher resolution image itself appears at the presentation scale without your having to set something each time.

I just want to set a default scaled to size, to fit on the page. These are converted to DOCX files and then edited again at the agency level. I am rid of them basically and don’t see the final product (although I’m 90% there they add passwords and secret stuff that I don’t know.)

Right now I type… (Windows, Shift, I) add the image, scale the image, continue writing until next image, then (Windows Shift I) add the image and scale the image.

I’m trying to get it so it’s just scaled to fit a page (DOCX page) without me having to manually scale it.

Word Freezes up with these large image files, so working in Scrivener has actually been easier but this is a weird process.

Hm. As an example I tried pasting an image about triple the horizontal size of my Scrivener “page”. It automatically shrinks down to the available width. Compiled to Docx, same result. Fits the page. I’m still not sure what exactly you’re trying to achieve with this manual scaling. It seems you want something that’s already there by default. But it doesn’t work for you, or not the way you expect. :thinking: