Grappling with Reference Manager Choice

I’m a long-time Scrivener user non-academic who is writing a non-fiction trade book with specific citation standards - Chicago Style, with key phrase call out endnotes, a complete bibliography and an abbrev bibliography as well as end-of-page footnotes with symbols.

I’m trying my best to continue using Scrivener for this project but after reading through the manual and forums I am still torn over which workflow/reference manager to use for the project. (I currently use Mendeley and it’s not going well.)

Some Qs:

  • How do distinguish between end of page footnotes and endnotes? (My preference is to use inline, rather than linked, references as the text will be edited, but the references should stay near the cited text.)

  • All the numbered endnotes in the bibliography need to be separated by chapter at the end of the book, with the numbers resetting to 1 in each new chapter. Which setting do I use for that in compile? Or is this solved by template?

Solid help is appreciated!