Great American Novel TEMPLATE for Scrivener

Drum Roll Please: The Great American Novel Template for Scrivener is now available!

Looks like you too can spend countless hours on optimizing your writing tools. Oh seductive procrastination. :wink:
Thanks for sharing!

I was going to offer a quote about procrastination that would be applicable here, but I think it’ll wait until tomorrow.

MSO, actually my first comment was based on the icon pack you provided only. Having looked into the template now I would not want to leave your exceptional work with only a flippant comment. I always thought I was a bit over the top with spending hours on creating templates, icons, binder structures, etc. but that’s only a fraction of the effort you must have put into it. Very impressive! Although I have settled my own template already I will take the liberty to incorporate some of your ideas into mine. Anyway an awesome head start for any hard-core outliner who is starting with Scrivener and probably more features (and icons) than normal or even seasoned users will ever need.

I noticed though that you do not seem to use keywords in your templates. I use them a lot and find them invaluable when properly and systematically set up for plotting and outlining because they allow for filtering and thus creating views out of multiple dimensions of a story. E.g. which scenes feature one or many characters, which scenes play at a specific setting, carry a specific theme topic, use which dramatic style element, etc. Also carefully selected custom meta data might be beneficial in such a template. I created a special set of meta data for unique scene identifiers and for syncing my stories with Aeon Timeline 2.

Two more things: obviously you too couldn’t manage to change the Template folder icon. Although when one tries to, a custom icon name appears in the scrivx-file but it won’t show up in the binder. A bug? And, just out of curiosity: I use a lot of webfont icons transformed into differently coloured PNGs as well and while this is reasonably easy (even free online services provide this feature) my icons are all mono-coloured only. I noticed that some of yours are multi-coloured. Did you do that by hand?

Again, many thanks for sharing this with us!

 “More fucking around in the garden,” Helen said. “More bookshelves. More politics. More crusades. That’s the kind of thing people do who can’t write.”

John Irving. The World According to Garp (Kindle Locations 7344-7345). W&N.

Thanks for this!

Let’s just be clear … are we talking about a template for the Sad Boner Professor Novel? Or some other Great American Novel?

Sad Boner Professor: you know the story already. He’s a middle-aged Creative English prof at an Ivy League school who is also a best-selling novelist, he’s up for tenure or aiming to make dean, but his marriage is on the rocks and his wife is increasingly distant. There’s something nasty in his past, he can feel the chill wind of old age blowing down his neck, and he’s trying to cope with his marital problems by conducting an affair with a gorgeous twenty-something female doctoral candidate. SBP is sad because nobody understands him, least of all his wife (who no longer worships the boards he walks on), his girlfriend is going to leave him for a naive and callow twenty-something dude who has next-generation’s-Creative-Lit-prof written all over him, something something bad sex something something masturbation something something Philip Roth.


(PS: if you have by accieent written a Scrivener template for “The Handmaid’s Tale” or “Fahrenheit 451” you have my most sincere apologies.)

I’d much rather see a template for the Great Los Angeles Novel. Except Raymond Chandler already wrote that one.


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