Great new version

I started using v3 today. The multi-panel view (Layouts>Dual Navigation) is excellent.


Glad you’re liking it! Thanks for the kind words!
All the best,

I second the praise. I was at 31,000 words for NaNo yesterday. Bought, downloaded, installed in a few minutes, Scriv 3 converted my project in I think 3 seconds and I was right back writing in under ten minutes. I spend more time getting my coffee.
New version looks great and so far without a hitch. I haven’t cranked her up to 11 yet, but…

Thanks you! Good luck with the rest of NaNo!

I also love the new version! In particular:
The way the app now handles photos, that they seem to be automatically sized the same way so I don’t have to fix each one. Yay!
Styles and formats
The flat interface design
The new app icons for mac and iOS
The new outlining features
“Duel Navigation” feature. Awesome.

Not sure about the tags/bookmarks thing yet. Looks cool but it will take some learning.

Great work!

I’d like to get in on this. It’s always been pretty obvious Literature and Latte is a company with genuine interest in writers of all stripes right down to unpublished hacks like me. That captivated me from first learning about Scrivener.

I’ve been to four book store events in the last couple of years. Two authors you’ve heard of, two lesser known, struggling writers. All had one thing in common. Each of the four authors with books on retail shelves, when pressed for what tools they used, said they wrote in Scrivener. Their agents and publishers all wanted docx files, but the creative combustion chamber was Scrivener.

The world has felt Keith’s impact and is the better for it.

Earlier today, I wrote with a question about Scrivener far beyond everyday use. I got a quick reply from Keith himself with outstandingly complete answers to my questions. Above and beyond, defined.

Scrivener isn’t just software. It’s an ally.

Many thanks for the very kind words, LuckyJack! Very much appreciated!

Just to say, as I start to get to grips with the new Compile controls, I think that they’re brilliantly thought out. Getting them to the stage that they’ve reached in Version 3 must have taken a tremendous amount of work, consideration and design. They’re straightforward for those users who want them to be straightforward, and detailed and logical for those who wish to custom-build their own approaches.

I can only agree with the previous posters.

I have not started moving old files over to v3. I am working through the tutorial first.

I am very impressed with the attention to detail in the interface. You have obviously thought very carefully about how people use the program and worked very hard to make it function as simply as possible. Not an easy task with a program as complex, and complete, as Scrivener.

A1. Thanks very much for all your work.


I have to agree with all the comments so far and can’t resist adding my own:

I really like the styles feature. I figured it out day before yesterday in about two minutes when it occurred to me that it would be really handy for formatting the texts and e-mails that appear in my WIP. Texts and e-mails are an integral part of modern communication. I needed to include them in the story with a format that defined them to the reader at a glance like punctuation defines dialogue. (Left and right indents. No first line indent in e-mails or texts. Different font. etc.) The Styles feature made that really easy. Further, as I refined the format, having once applied the style throughout the WIP, the changes were automatically made everyplace the style was used. Big feature. Huge. And so much more intuitive than the style feature in MS-WORD.

While I was skeptical at first, now that I’ve learned how it works I absolutely love the Book Marks feature. It does everything the old Project Notes did and more, a whole lot more. More than that, even. It’s especially outstanding on a multiple monitor setup like I use for outlining and plot development. There is no limit on the ability to have necessary material available just by flicking my eyes to it.

I’ve become a fan of the new preferences panel and how it’s organized. It seems a lot more intuitive and things seem to be where I first look for them.

I’m rapidly becoming a fan of the new compile setup. I’m still discovering it, but it’s much less about secret handshakes and more about straightforward choices that are much easier to understand. I didn’t really understand the S2 compile until I read about it in the before/after discussion in the upgrade tutorial. I was able to compile my novel for several formats in a remarkably short time given it was done in S3.

I’m retired, living on a fixed income, so I’m delighted S3 isn’t based on the subscription model. The upgrade was the best deal since the Louisiana Purchase. Thank you.

At this point I’m looking forward to discovering more of the improvements in S3 as I get deeper into it. I’m working with it several hours a day and it’s become so comfortable S2 has been deleted from both my Macs.

Well done Scrivener Team.