Great Product but ...Dictionary and Synonyms

Firstly I must say that I am enjoying using Scrivener for Windows and may purchase a License to use it on my Mac too. How ever, the feedback I have regards the Dictionary and Synonyms database. As has been pointed out before, they appear to be very poor.

Is there any information as to whether this situation will improve for Win V 3?

I searched and found a similar thread, posted some time ago, but no answer was forthcoming. I hope someone can shed a little light on this for me.

Many thanks in advance.

It’s been my experience (I’ve used Scrivener with both Windows and Mac, Scrivener being the thing that got me to accept switching) that finding a Windows equivalent for the very handy and quite powerful Apple Dictionary app that comes standard with macOS and getting it to work with Scrivener is incredibly tricky. The one thing that gives me pause about going back to a Windows machine would b the lack of a dictionary/thesaurus combo in all the languages (I’ve written stories with both French and Portuguese words in them and being able to spell check those foreign languages has been especially handy) that are available by default through the dictionary app.

It looks like they’re trying to use a better dictionary for Win Scrivener 3, but it’s still not as powerful as what a Mac has. You could try finding some alternatives that work with Windows. I’ve found WordWeb to be especially handy, almost dictionary app like although with a much smaller amount of words. Then there’s GoldenDictionary, a completely free app that’s not pretty, but it’ll get the job done.

Or, you can just get the Mac and have Oxford’s American and British Dictionaries and Thesauri at your fingertips with the click of a button (as well as all the foreign dictionaries that are available). It’s literally THE thing that keeps me from wanting to completely and wholeheartedly jump back into Windows.

Of course, I may be completely wrong about a lot of this stuff, and if so, sorry in advance.

Couple of things. Currently, the Windows Beta is using Hunspell as its spelling dictionary, and it uses Wordnet to look up meanings for words. Users can replace hunspell’s wordlists if they wish (a little tricky, and likely not supported by L&L, but not terribly difficult)(and, yes, I use a 350k wordlist instead of the 50k one it comes with).

EDIT: Wordnet has somewhat over 150k words defined, compared to Oxford’s 175k or so.

So far, it seems to be working fine.

Yeah the dictionary doesn’t have “laparoscope” which really is a mainstream word (although I never can remember how to spell it lol).

What about the Italian version of Scrivener 3 for Windows? And what about the implementation of reliable Italian dictionary and Thesaurus?
I have seen that one of the new features in Scrivener is that of evidencing nouns, verbs, adverbs and so on, if requested. However, what if I write in Italian but Scrivener “cannot understand me”?