Great program!

I’ve been hearing wonderful things about Scrivener for a while now, but for various reasons am only now trying it out. It looks like a great fit for the way I write, or at least for the way I plan. (Since I do most of my writing on an iPod and a netbook, I’ll probably be using Scrivener for planning/outlining and switching back to NeoOffice for the writing.)

I love being able to group bits of writing in arbitrary folder structures and being able to view and export various combinations of synopsis, notes, and text. I also tried out StoryMill and it didn’t seem to be as flexible.

Just about the only thing that I’d want that’s missing is a timeline to visualize the pacing of all the storylines, but I’ve read the posts here on that and am playing around with Aeon Timeline.

Thanks for making this great piece of software.


Thanks for the kind words, and for trying Scrivener!
Happy holidays,