Group Footnotes

I’m a Scrivener newbie. However, I have searched this Windows subforum to find info to resolve my Group Footnotes problem, albeit without success…

For a variety of formats, I have tried to see how footnotes can be placed at the end of each chapter.

However, when I access:

Compile > Footnotes/Comments > Group Footnotes

… I find that usually the only two options available are At end of document and At <$–ENDNOTES–> marker

There is no option for before page breaks or before last page break

Am I doing something wrong? A penny for your thoughts…

Are you compiling all of your chapters together as one long document? If you are looking for endnotes to be placed at the end of each chapter, perhaps try compiling the chapters separately. On MacScriv when I need endnotes I compile the chapters separately, choose ‘Export Inspector Footnotes as Endnotes’ before compiling and the endnotes then appear at the end of each chapter.

Thank you for your post.

Yes, I have been compiling all my chapters together as a single manuscript. I wish it would be unnecessary to compile each chapter individually.

Sorry I can’t be of more help with this. Best of luck with it, I’m sure a more knowledgeable Windows user will be able to help you out, or at least let you know if it is not possible.