Growl 2.1.3 Not Working on Scrivner 2.6 Mavericks

Well if you want me to run any tests or install any trial versions, just let me know. Anything you need to help get to the bottom of it, I’ll try anything!

Thanks. Gilly.

Many thanks! We’ll try to get it sorted with the data we have, but if we need more I’ll let you know.

Hi Amber,

Did you have any luck getting Growl working on the problem system you had?

I’ve started a new novel now, am working to daily word counts again and really miss my Growl notifications. I’d love to get it working again, they’re a real morale booster!


I never could get it working, among a few other applications that also do not work. Hazel, for example, doesn’t connect with Growl, and nothing I’ve tried has made any difference. There are some that do work, Keka for example, will show Growl notifications.

But we are, by necessity, using a very old version of the Growl framework. That will be improved by default once a 64-bit version of Scrivener is launched—as you can imagine that’s part of a much larger overhaul in general.

Thanks for trying. Do you know when this 64-bit release will come?

“Soon”, an answer that is as vague as it is hopeful. :slight_smile:

Ha ha ha! I’ll keep an eye out for it. If you think of it at the time, maybe you could post on here that it’s available. That way I’ll get a topic reply notification.

Thanks so much for all your help. I guess it’s back to the lovely notification centre for now. Boooooo!