GUI change request

This is a request for change in the Scrivener GUI and goes toward usability. I’d like to have more horizontal spacing across the main GUI as follows:

Binder left edge: I find the tree expand/collapse icons are too close the edge of the window. It always looks like they’re partially off the edge and makes them difficult to target with the mouse pointer. I thinking maybe 5 pixels of gap the left of those icons would be good.

Inspector left edge: So far this is only in the Synopsis area but may apply to the Document/Project Notes area when I begin to use those. I find almost every time I try to select a line on an index card I end up moving the border between the editor and the Inspector. This appears to be because the ‘grab area’ on the vertical line between the editor and Inspector extends right up to the leftmost pixel of the first character of each line on the index card. I find I have to be very careful to place the mouse pointer just after that first pixel to select without dragging the border instead. On the left edge of the editor there appears to be a nominal 2 character wide gap before the text begins. That’s the sort of gap that needs to be on the index cards and Notes areas. I think an added gap of maybe 10 pixels is in order here.