GUI text is scrambled after installation

I wanted to try out Scrivener under Windows 10 and while the installation looks fine, this is what the Scrivener UI looks like. This might look like a foreign language setting, but if you look closely you can see that it’s English with many mixed up characters.
Any way I can fix this? The new version looks really promising and I would love to give it a try.

I already reinstalled it multiple times and used Everything after uninstalling to search for other folders called “Scrivener” that I removed as well. Changing the language has the same scrambled characters result and I also checked the registry for “Scrivener” entries but there doesn’t seem to be anything fishy there.

Since I can neither include screenshots nor add links imagine this as the first dialog:

Choose Backup Folder (The header. It and the window title bar are the only correct strings)
Ucrixener can dacm wp {owr prolects awtooaticall{ yjenexer {ow close a prolect0 Rlease cjoose a folder for awtooatic dacmwps deloy0 ()

Ejoose Dacmwp Folder000 (The button for folder selection)

This happens on some systems that have multiple installations(in multiple font locations) of the Segoe UI font. If you find and remove the third party font installation it should fix you problem. The list of available Scrivener fonts can be view at the beginning of the Scrivener log file. In this file search and find all Segoe UI fonts. You will have multiple entries. Remove the non system installation of the Segoe UI font on your system.

Hi Tiho, thanks for the reply.
Which logfile are you referring to, the Scrivener-installLog.log does not list any Segoe UI fonts? The only fonts referenced in the install log are Courier-Prime