Gutter Margins too tight

Hello, I just got a sample paperback from Kindle Direct and the interior/gutter margins on my book are too tight. On the KDP previewer, the lines run right up to the gutter “warning” line and the book I received today did not handle that well. It ran the lines too far toward the gutter. I need to essentially move the text away from the gutter slightly to have it line up in the “safe” area for Kindle. How would I do this?


If Amazon’s previewer showed it would be OK and it is not, perhaps you should also ask about it on their forum. Or contact their customer service.

Hello Vincent, Thank you for the reply. I’m not sure I follow what you’re suggesting here. Do I need to adjust the margins to 1" all the way round in this section? Also, I’m not clear where I find these compile settings. If you could point me there I would appreciate it. Thanks again for your help.

To access this panel, double-click the compile format you use in the compile panel, left column.

No, you do not set it to 1" all around. That’s just where you set it to your own needed values. (I have no idea what values you need.)

But given that your problem concerns only the gutter, you’ll have only one to increase. (Again, I don’t know which one, left or right. – I would assume it is the left, since a book always starts with a right side page… But I am not certain.)
The second screenshot is so that it is always on the right (right as in “correct”) side of the page ; by alternating.

Try with the left margin, and if the increased margin is on the outside, then reset the left margin to its initial value, and increase the right one.

OK. I will experiment with this and see how it turns out when I compile. Thank you for your help.

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If prior you were using the margins set in File / Page Setup (if the option is checked in my first screenshot, blue marking), make sure to reproduce those margins in the compile format [<–my first screenshot, still] (except for the one margin that came out wrong, and that needs to be increased.)

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[EDIT] I just realized that when the alternating pages option is checked, the left/right margin changes for inside/outside. So, whether it is the left or right that needs tweaking : that answers it.


Yes, I noticed that it did have “inside” and “outside” labels, so that made it simpler to adjust. I’m experimenting with different settings now - going back and forth from the compiled manuscript and KDP’s “previewer” layout function, which shows me how it’s looking. I’ve found a good setting, but now I have to go back and adjust some images and captions that have been affected. Thanks