Half of screen goes black, when I move stuff in Manuscript

When I’m moving my folders and texts around the manuscript, with some of the them I have this bug, that as I’m moving them up, suddenly appears a black rectangle for the whole width of my screen at the bottom of my monitor (even when Scrivener is not on full screen). If goes up and down, as my mouse, when I’m “holding” the folder or text. It covers everything and it disappears when I’m putting the folder somewhere.
Is started showing up last year in July.

If you have multiple projects does this happen for each one? Have you tried rebuilding the search index.? File >save and rebuild search index.
I just had a problem with the latest windows update that blocked scrivener access to the scratchpad folder and I had to anable it.
This could be a virus software problem and you could disable to see if problem abates with that.

Yes, it does happen in others projects too. I just tried rebuilding the search index, i restarted Scrivener, but it didn’t help. I have normal access to scratchpad, so i don’t think it’s connected with windows update. I also have this problem since July, so it probably occurred after last Scrivener update.

This could also be a video card driver problem, especially as you mention it starting out of the blue one day (over a period of time where Scrivener has not changed). It could be an update to your video card broke something in how it works with the tools Scrivener was built with. I would check for driver updates.

That doesn’t rule out other options, but weird graphical effects that follow your mouse around are classic symptoms of messed up video drivers (or sometimes hardware issues with a display that is on the way out, but with that you’d see more of it rather than just now and then in one program I would think).

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You caould also do an internal log to see if anything happens inside Scrivener when this occurs

The latest Scrivener update was on 5th of July and i first time saw this bug a week later I think, that’s why i said it occurred with the last update. My driver is up to date and I didn’t have this bug with any other app i’m using over those months, so that’s why I think it might be Scrivener related. But I’m not saying it is for sure, maybe one day I will find a solution, i just preferred to share my experience, so maybe it will get fix in next update or someone will share a solution if they had the same issue :slight_smile:

The only thing that is showing up is just info about loading documents I’m moving and Time Counter

Oh okay, sorry for missing that note. Yes, in that case quite a bit did change in Scrivener for that specific update. It’s such a change that the normal advice of trying to previous version (3.1.4) is not as good since some settings had to be moved around. It can be done, but I don’t know if it is worth it to you to avoid this one thing.

It would help to know your Windows version number in that case. Right-click on the Start button, and select System. Scroll to the “Windows Specification” section, and click the Copy button below that section, to paste all of that into a response. And since this does still sound like a video card conflict of some sort, I would get that information from Device Manager, under “Display Adaptors”.

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I don’t think it’s worth to try previous version, cause it’s not bothering me that much, so I don’t want to risk ruining something else by trying to fix this one thing xd

My Windows Specification:
Version: Windows 11 Home
Version: 23H2
Installed on: ‎09.‎05.‎2023
OS build: 22631.3527
Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22700.1003.0

And my display adaptor is: Intel(R) Iris(R) Plus Graphics

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Thanks! That will help if anyone else is seeing this and has some of the same things.

We do have some bug updates to apply to the programming tools as well, that have come out since then, so maybe it will “fix itself” in the future. :slight_smile:

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Let’s hope so :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thanks for help anyway!