Handling multiple books & drafts?

Hi all,

I’ve been using Scrivener for a while now, but never ventured into these forums before. I thought it was about time now :slight_smile:

I’m writing a series of books. At the moment I’m working on the first draft of my first book. I’ve got my world building in a separate section in Scrivener outside the manuscript. The manuscript itself is divided into folders for each book and in each book the text files for each chapter.
That’s all great for the first draft, but how would I best handle having the second (and sequentially) draft of book 1 and having the first draft of book 2, for example and keeping the world building information at hand too? Originally I was thinking of making a new project of the second draft, but that would leave me without the world building information…

Thanks for the help!

I previously compiled a list of forum discussions on this topic in this response. There is quite a bit of reading material in there on tactics you can take to keep books that are bound by a common research pool more tightly bound together. Some of that will be Mac specific, at least until Scrivener 3 is ready, but at a basic level you can certainly store multiple books in your draft and switch between them when compiling—to briefly describe one approach you can take.