Handling of SVG-Files


I am having issues with some SVG-files (vector graphics files) I wish to import into Scrivener.
What works is dragging and dropping the file into the Research folder. Scrivener will complain that this is an imported text file and will be converted to RTF, but it works: I can import and view the file in the Research folder.

If I want to include this SVG file to my draft, I can drag and drop the symbol in the Research folder to my document, creating a link to that graphics file.

And now the strange part: I can dereference the Link only once. The first time I press on the link, a small window with my graphics will open. If I close this window and press the same link again, an empty window will open. Looks like a bug to me.

Is there a way to work with SVG graphics in my writing? The final wish would be to use this also for MMD --> Latex --> PDF export, but handling this files correctly in Scrivener would be a good start.


I forgot: I am using Scrivener version 2.3.1 (20025).

Some more observations:

If I close the current project and re-open it, I can again open the link to the SVG file once. Then it opens an empty window again.

If the empty window shows, I can magically let the graphic reappear when changing the category in the lower right bar (None, Synopsis, Picture, …).