Handwritten outlines

One of our lovely users sent us a link this morning, which he described as “How writers used to do it before Scrivener”. Some of it looks like ideal Scapple material, too. We thought you’d enjoy it…


We’re ahead of the game (as usual!) on the lower deck…been running it for yonks!

Hangover…Mistress Astrid? :confused:


Oops! My excuse is that when you’re my age it’s increasingly hard to keep up. And with knees as creaky as mine, it’s hard to struggle down the ladder to the lower deck every day. :wink:

Sorry for the duplication, PJS! :smiley:


PJS is, of course, a very lovely user, but he is not the droid… um, lovely user… you’re looking for (is that Star Wars, or am I confused?). I was apologising to PJS for posting something that he had already posted previously. As you very well know, you stirrer, Vic! :smiley:

Mistress Astrid, PJS is a grumpy old curmudgeon, you must be mistaking him for someone else. My human is muttering something about, 'The old frigger ‘s OK when he’s on Jameson, intravenously…’ I can’t repeat the rest of his rude utterances. :blush:

they are mutually exclusive :question:

thanks for sharing info :wink:

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